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Turquoise Stone by Aquartmarina. Ideal for mother's day

Turquoise Stone by Aquartmarina. Ideal for mother's day

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 Ideal gift for Mother's Day.
Do you already have yours?
Turquoise is one of the main blue minerals associated
to the throat area.
Promotes the balance of communication and expression.
It is also associated with the third eye, enhancing meditation and intuition.
Its energy is soft and fresh,
With Turquoise Stone from Aquartmarina, you can benefit from all the properties
spiritual and healing that it possesses, in a simple way and always accompanied by beauty.

Material: Alloy style: women modeling: geometric Gift-giving occasions: birthdays, housewarming, trade fairs,
anniversary celebrations, business gifts, public relations planning
Package: single package Custom processing: Yes
Natural stones: Turquoise. Mosaic material: gold plated inlaid with artificial/semi-precious stones silver color

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